Monday, June 28, 2010


Infernalism is practiced in every corner of Auracrux. In some places, that worship is open.

In Amerisawa, devil worshiping priests sacrifice willing victims on the stairs of ziggurats. In the equatorial mountains of Chenti, Half-Orc tribes ritually scar themselves with the signs of Arch-Fiends to enhance their battle prowess. In the halls of the Underdark, Drow hierophants lead supplicants to the gates of Hell to implore whatever powers remain for reentry.

Conversely, most civilized regions outlaw the practice of Infernalism. In these places, secret ceremonies are held in candlelit grottos, or deep in the forest. Though not all Drow worship the powers of the deep, many still practice their familial traditions in private.

The exact form Infernalism takes in each cult varies, especially as very few agree who holds the keys of Hell. Several schools of thought have emerged.

Orthodox Infernalism: The schism in the Aurist church has obvious implications for any wishing to worship its antagonists. Orthodox Infernalists position themselves similarly to Orthodox Aurists. In their belief, the Great War was merely a precursor to the foretold world ending conflict. Vestelion still rests in hell, his blade guarded by Tiamat until such a time as wickedness has produced enough blood sacrifices to usher in his rebirth. Orthodox Infernalists emphasize the importance of establishing states dominated by systemic evil, in order to have armies and land in place for Vestelion's return.
Commonly Practiced by: Amerisawans, Chenti Half-Orcs, Kalifrans

Chaotic Infernalism: Certain Infernalists believe that Vestelion became manifest at the Battle of Felmonte and was killed, but not before dealing a fatal blow to Aura. These cultists worship a diverse array of lesser devils who they believe now wage an esoteric war for domination of the universe. This war has six factions led by each of Vestelions generals, the arch-devils Asmodeus, Baalzebul, Belial, Dispater, Mammon, and Mephistopholes. In this belief system, one must be careful to balance one's loyalties. While there's something to be said for being the passionate follower of the eventual victor, it's also not bad to hedge one's bet. This means cults who practice this belief system often feature a great deal of clandestine in-fighting and backstabbing.
Commonly Practiced by: The Drow

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